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Connecting with people has never been easier. Ejimoo’s profile bar let’s you link all your online platforms in one place.

Current available links:
Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, VSCO, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, Spotify, Podcast, Website, Shop, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Phone

Minimal Platform, Maximum Life

Ejimoo is a simplified social media alternative, offering unique, minimalist features that will change social media and our culture for the better. Follow, engage, post, and enjoy; just remember nothing beats the real thing.  Life is colorful, your profile doesn’t need to be.

Here are a few points as to why we are different:

1.     We have users verify themselves with a phone number instead of email.  Although no system is perfect, this makes it harder to have millions of fake accounts or bots all over your platform.
2.     Everything on Ejimoo is condensed.  Instead of one-minute videos they are 30 seconds and captions are maxed to 99 characters.  We do not show the number of posts on your profile because it is not about posting more – it’s about sharing a meaningful moment and then getting back to creating more!
3.     How do you remind everyone that what they are looking at is a photo and not real life?  You turn it black and white.  It is a unique setting where everything on Ejimoo is defaulted to black and white and the original color is only seen when the post is clicked on.  There are no filters or edits on Ejimoo.  The goal is to just post your pic and move on!
4.     We have no invasive ads.  We are not following your every move.  While we are still in infancy and don’t currently have any advertising on the platform, this will evolve in the future, however there will never be invasive ads driven by targeting.
5.     The “No comment” feature is counterintuitive and especially unique to our platform. We want to get back to the sharing aspect of social media, but eliminate the negative echo-chamber that often results.
6.     We have a unique feature called your profile “bar” that allows you to link all your online platforms in one place (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)  The goal is everyone should have Ejimoo for this reason alone and while they are here, they will see how they can survive with less.
7.     Off on Sunday.  Ejimoo shuts off from 5am Sunday morning to 5am Monday morning.  Our “less is more” approach applies to more than just the content and features the app offers, it’s a new way of life. We want to enhance our character, not our online influence. We want to show that we can still hold on to traditional values in the modern world.

Ejimoo is 100% USA, privately owned. All code has and is developed in USA


Ejimoo can become the platform we deserve.
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